Advanced Pet Care

The technology developed by Pet Spa consists of an enclosed Cabin with a patented system that washes, de-fleas and blow-dries dogs, cats and other small animals in less than 15 minutes.

In addition, using a precise dosage center the Cabin can deliver a variety of medications and chemicals at exact amounts and intervals. The combination of this precise dosage together with variable temperature controls and gradual hydro-muscular massage can help the veterinary doctor administer several different therapies.

Dogs and cats like treats and experiences just like humans do. Just think of all the pets that enjoy going to restaurants or on a pet vacation with their owners. Pets love being groomed and cared for and enjoy being sparkly clean. That’s why the pet Spa is such a wonderful experience for cats and dogs.


Meet the Cabin

This unique, patented pet spa machine is a revolution in dog grooming and healthcare with amazing results.


Totally Safe

It's the first question we get asked when people see the pet Spa cabin. Of course it is safe - we're pet lovers as well!

well groomed dog pic

Benefits of Pet Spa

There are many benefits to using the pet spa for the grooming of dog, cats and other small animals.

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