Benifits to Business

3 Types of customer

Pet Stores

  •  Provide new service other wise non existent.
  •  Increase the flow of traffic in your store.
  •  Marketing-cross promote other products & services
  •  Income of $1800-$3000 per month with 5 animals washed per day.
  •  Related sales product/services.
  •  Loyalty word of mouth advertising.
  •  Marketing tool, cross promote, traffic to store.

Veterinary Clinics

  •  Labor savings
  • Free up not having to use a Vet-Tech form applying 
  • Topical treatment, and Dips.
  • Ability to Deliver your customers pet clean and smelling nice


  •  Other services
  •  Savings on water & electricity
  •  Savings on labor costs
  •  Labor savings & Utilities
  •  Increase volume without incurring any  additional labor cost.
  •  Deliver a Happy cleaner healthier pet.