Does the pet Stress out when inside the Cabin?

Using our unique technology we are able to lower the stress on pets compared to traditional bathing due to the fact that we do not use a restraining system and there is no stranger restraining or holding the pet. Also our unique patented nozzle system will provide a hydro-massage shower that will relax the pet and increase circulation which is very beneficial.

How often can you bathe your pet?

You could bathe your pet as often as you want because our unique technology does not remove the natural protective coating of the Pet coat preventing them from skin problem in the future and creating a healthier coat.

How do you prevent water from pet’s eyes and ears?

The unique design was created by a team of Veterinaries, Animal Behaviorists and engineers looking for the well being of the Pet. There are nozzles in the bottom, top, and all sides but the front side, the pet will look through the safety glass door so no water will go directly in eyes or ears. Open ears dog and cats you will need to use cotton balls same as traditional bathing.

How thoroughly dos the Pet SPA wash the Pet?

We have been washing pets for over 10 years and our unit not only washes it thoroughly but also provides many other benefits (lowers stress, does not remove natural protective coating, reduces injuries for staff and pets).

Can the pet breathe inside the cabin?

Even though our cabin looks enclose, it’s all open inside and there are systems re circulating air at all times.

What do I need for installation?

Water in, drain and 220 volts, 20 amps single phase available anywhere.

How do you maintain the Cabin?

Maintenance is very simple; there is a hair trap that must be clean and inside the unit often. Once a week run a disinfecting cycle and just keep it clean and presentable.