How it Works

Pets Benefits from the Unique Technology   

Pet’s Spa Cabin eliminates the stress produced by current pet cleaning methods.

The Cabin eliminates the need for punishment or sedatives when washing nervous or aggressive cats and dogs.

Several programs are available to meet the different needs of each Pet and breed. The time of the bath is usually reduced in half compared to traditional bathing.

Our technology does not remove the Pets’ natural protective coating which is regularly removed in traditional bathing methods. This natural coating protects the pet’s skin against bacteria and skin disease.

The Cabin provides a warm hydro-massage shower stimulating the circulation which is very beneficial for arthritis, muscle weakness, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Temperatures are precisely maintained at the recommended levels by the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Using a precise dosage center the Cabin can deliver a variety of medications and chemicals at exact amounts and intervals.

During the drying process the air is distributed evenly around the Cabin. This is more pleasant for the pet than the normal method using a direct stream of air.