Pet Safety

The patented cabin design was developed with the pet safety as number one priority.

This award winning patented technology is the safest and most effective pet cleaning system in the world. The unique design was created by a team of Veterinaries, Animal Behaviorists and Engineers for the well being of the Pet.

Temperatures are precisely maintained at the recommended levels by the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Water and air temperatures are constantly monitored by the computer, which is programmed to automatically shut down the Cabin if changes of more than 3 degrees are detected.

The air inside the cabin is constantly renewed via a ventilation circuit.

During the last minute of drying, the heating elements switch off and the air in the cabin is brought down to room temperature.

The pet is placed looking through the window so that the water doesn’t go directly into the eyes.

If the door is opened during the washing or drying cycle, the cabin’s safety features automatically stop the process.

pet safety with boy